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Building Trust in Clinical Research, GXP Regulatory Compliance Auditing & Consulting

Good Clinical Practice – Domestic and International GCP Audits

ClinAudits employs a team of expert consultants for large regulatory compliance auditing projects. Our more than 57 auditors are regionally based throughout the U.S., Canada, South America, Eastern/Western Europe, China, India, Israel, Australia, Malaysia/Singapore and Japan. For each project, our team employs strict internal quality control measures and follows internal SOPs to ensure that our work meets clients’ individual high standards.

We have conducted audits in Europe (East and West), Australia, New Zealand, Russia, China, Asia, Canada, Mexico, South America (Chile, Argentina, and Brazil), India, South Africa, Israel, and the U.S.                                      

Over the past 20+ years, ClinAudits has amassed a broad range of competencies include Oncology, Infectious Diseases, Respiratory Diseases, Central Nervous System (CNS), Virology, Cardiovascular, Ophthalmology, and Dermatology in Phases I through IV of clinical research.

                       Good Clinical Practices (GCP) - Auditing Services

Domestic and International Clinical Research Trial Audits - established expertise in Good Clinical Practices (GCP) auditing to comply with FDA/EMA/MHRA regulations, International Congress on Harmonization (ICH) Guidelines, specific company  SOPs/guidelines and local governmental regulations/guidelines.

Contract Research Organization Audits - expertise in auditing CROs for sponsor's pre-qualification consideration and post-capability CRO study management/ CRO managed studies.

Central/Specialty Laboratory Audits - tracking clinical trial laboratory specimens through the laboratory environment to check for compliance to GCP.

Clinical Trial Supply/Drug Depot Audits - auditing all aspects of clinical trial supplies in accordance with FDA/EMA/MHRA, GMP, GCP and ICH regulations/ guidelines.

Institutional Review Board Audits/Ethical Committee - perform audits of IRB’s (commercial, academic, private and hospital) and EC’s in accordance with FDA/ OPHR guidelines/regulations and other international, local regulations/guidelines.

Audits of Final Study Reports/NDA submissions/Safety Reports/IND updates- audits of database in comparison to reports/ submissions to FDA or other governmental authorities

Adverse Event Reporting System/Pharmacovigilance Audits - process audit of AERS, SAES, IND Safety report procedures within a country or between countries/ subsidiaries.

Computer Systems Validation Audits - process audit of software and hardware for GCP, GMP, GTP or GLP settings to guarantee security and consistency of data.

System/Process Audits, e.g., Mock-FDA and other governmental authorities audits, electronic submission audits, clinical operations and monitoring, data entry and data management, biostatistical, and medical writing departments.

Training of Quality Assurance and Clinical Research Personnel- customized training to your SOPs. A sampling of our training services includes:

Review of the History and Process of Clinical Research

Review of Important Clinical Research Terminology

Review of the Code of Federal Regulations and FDA Information Sheets

Review of the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) Guidelines and Essential Documents Needed for Clinical Research

Clinical Trial Designs

Responsibilities of the Investigator

Responsibilities of the Research Coordinator

Responsibilities of the Sponsor

IND Studies, FDA/NIH Funded Studies

Monitoring Requirements and Sponsor Visits

Informed Consent Process and the Informed Consent Document

Recruitment and Advertisement for Patients

Financial Disclosure

Investigator Misconduct

Test Article Accountability

Adverse Events, Serious Adverse Events and IND Safety Reports

Protocol Issues

Medical Device Studies

Data Collection, Source Documentation and CRF Design and Completion

Preparation for FDA Inspections

Current Trends and Findings in Clinical Research Trials- An Auditor's Perspective

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